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In today’s market, it is simply best to utilize a good property management company to rent out your El Paso home. Otherwise, you assume several risks that could put you in debt. When you choose to privately rent out your home, you have to find your own tenants, advertise your property to the El Paso population, and conduct your own repairs. You also have to manage your own contracts, rent collection process, paperwork and expenses. When you use a property manager you get a bundle of services to take all of this off your hands. From tenant placement services to online rent collection, everything is streamlined and taken care of by someone else. Your rental property can truly become passive income.

Effortless Tenant Placement Services

When you turn your property over to a property management agency you don’t have to worry about finding the right renters. This is probably one of the biggest risks you assume as a homeowner. If you attempt to rent out your house on your own, what resources will you use to ensure prospective renters are trustworthy? Will you Google their name and look over their social media? Perhaps you might rely on costly background checks. But what happens if one after another doesn’t pan out? With tenant placement services your property manager will utilize background and credit checks. They will show your home as well and meet with prospective renters. The responsibility and risk is instantly taken off your hands.

Powerful Advertising

A property management team will have a much wider reach when it comes to advertising your home for rent in El Paso. Your home simply won’t sit unoccupied for too long. El Paso offers several industries as well as a border that bring in plenty of people looking for temporary housing.

Reliable Rent Collection

There is no need to hound your tenants for rent when you outsource. Most agencies will offer online resources for rent collection. Not only that, after you sign a contract, agencies assume the risk on non payment. This is normally covered by the help of a initial deposit, anyways.

Reliable Service

When it comes to reliable rental property management you can turn to Lozano Real Estate Group. We offer everything from advertising and tenant placement services to repairs. Contact us today to get started on renting your home in El Paso. One of experts will be happy to answer your questions or set up a consultation.