Couple meeting with a real estate agent at a real estate agencyEmbarking on a new home search is always a bit exhilarating, whether you are buying your very first home or are in search of a new one. However, as you delve deeper and deeper into the process, you may find yourself in deep water without a life preserver, which is where a real estate agency can come to the rescue. Many people are weary of the fees and strings that they imagine working with a realtor can come with, but the benefits far outweigh the cons when it comes to searching and buying a new home. The Lozano Real Estate Group can help you see why you are better off teaming up with our real estate experts instead of striking out on your own!

Narrow Down Your Selection

In the beginning, you start spotting “For Sale” signs everywhere. From the moment you decide you are in the market for a new home, these signs will jump out at your from everywhere. You drive to the grocery store, you see a sign. Driving through your current neighborhood, they jump out at you. At first, it may be fun- and you start to weigh your options. This one is close to the grocery store; this one is near the perfect school for my child. This one is two minutes away from work. That’s when it starts getting daunting. You may start panicking- there is so many things to consider! Remember, this is even before you start consider size, rooms, and floor plans.

Working with a real estate agency can change all that. Instead of panicking, a real estate agent can help you narrow down a location and style so that you don’t waste your time with homes that you wouldn’t consider in your wildest dreams. In addition, they will also help you figure out things like your budget. It’s essential that you consider your mortgage payment in addition to other utilities and fees a neighborhood can charge (usually Homeowners Associations or HOA’s). You may love a house, but if you can’t afford it, there is no reason to set yourself up for future financial difficulties. A real estate agent can help you find a home that you love within your budget the first time so you don’t lust after a home that is amazing but way out of your budget.

Don’t Drown in Paperwork and Repairs

So yes, a real estate agency can help you narrow down your search within a reasonable financial budget. So let’s skip ahead- you found a great house. Not working with a real estate agency means you have to navigate real estate negotiations, appraisals, inspections, and a hundred other things. Is the house livable? How much work does it need? Can the owners replace that ancient water heater before we move in? What is the roof situation? Property taxes?

If you don’t know what you are doing, you can end up in a situation where problems start popping up as soon as you move in. A real estate agency handles everything for you, from price negotiations to repair work the current owner can do to make the house livable and, more importantly, that won’t cost YOU money as soon as you move in.

In addition, have you ever seen a sale agreement for a home? They can easily outweigh War and Peace. A real estate agent can go through it for you to make sure everything is as it should be and you aren’t going to sign away a kidney when you buy a house.

The Lozano Real Estate Group is Ready to Help

In El Paso, the Lozano Real Estate Group has the experts that can make the journey of buying a new home a pleasant jaunt. We can handle everything so you can just enjoy that feeling of coming home. Let’s start your new home journey- call us today!