sell my home

Owning a home is one of the best milestones a person can reach. Yet being a homeowner means that there is a chance that at some point you will sell your home for any number of reasons. Whether you are upgrading, downgrading, moving, or any other reason, you may find that diving into the real estate market with no life preserver for the first time can quickly pull you under. Selling your home on your own is not the best idea. You may have decided to hire a real estate agent and still, no results. The frustration of trying to do something as simple as the phrase “sell my home” can be exhausting when you don’t get any bites. So why isn’t your home selling? At the Lozano Real Estate Group, we can help you identify reasons why your home isn’t selling, help you fix them, and get you the best offer when they start pouring in.

Why Isn’t My Home Selling?

Today’s real estate market is holding steady, which means that a home put on the market will fetch the highest price within the first 30 days of being on the market. That being said, every city has a different market. It takes anywhere from 78 to 170 days to sell a home in an average market. El Paso was recently ranked number four on a real estate market watch list, so our market leans towards the quicker side of home sales. So why isn’t your home selling? Consider the following:

Negative Curb Appeal

The first thing a prospective buyer is going to see is the outside of your home. A sloppy yard is not going to appeal to someone looking for a new home. They want to be able to imagine coming home to a pleasant front yard. And coming home to a weedy and unkempt yard is on no one’s wish list. Trash, weeds, and unkempt greenery can turn a buyer off as soon as they drive up to see the house. Simple changes like weeding, trimming shrubbery, cutting the grass, and adding some colorful flowers can make a huge difference.

Your Staging is All Wrong

As soon as you put your home on the market, you are opening up your home to strangers who are coming in specifically to inspect your home. If you clean up for friends and family, cleaning up for strangers who are going to be looking at your home to great detail requires a different type of strategy. You need to stage your home to present it in the best light possible. Potential buyers need to be able to imagine themselves in the space so decluttering is absolutely necessary. But it is also important for you to fix little cosmetic things that buyers may notice such as peeling paint, outdated fixtures, stained carpets, etc.

Your Pricing is Wrong

A home needs to be priced in accordance with a variable of influencers: home appraisals, neighborhood comparable prices, and the home itself. If you price a home too high when it is outdated or surrounded by properties of lower value, buyers will typically stay away. Price your home too low and buyers may suspect there are hidden issues underneath that carefully staged home.

The Lozano Real Estate Group will Answer Your “Sell My Home” Plea

In many cases of a home not selling, it can be that you aren’t getting the advice or the attention you should. Our agents are ready to help you identify the problems that are hindering your home from selling and assisting you with fixing them! We like seeing results so you can be confident that we will work hard so you can see them. Contact us today for best real estate help in El Paso!