cleaning tips

Cleaning is so much fun! Said no one, ever. Unless you’re Danny Tanner from Full House or Monica Geller from Friends, then cleaning is not your favorite pastime.

Now that we got that out of the way *takes a deep sigh* it’s time to move forward with the other obvious facts: cleaning is a part of life and you can either ignore it or suffer through the clutter.

With the warmer weather on the horizon, the desire to stay home couped-up on the sofa might not be as prominent. But putting your spring season energy towards cleaning is likely not strong either. So what are you to do?

You could hire someone to clean your rental but there are better ways to use your money. For that reason, we’re going to let you on a little secret: there’s a better way to clean your house. All you need to do is set aside 20 minutes a day, every day!  

The 20-Minute Cleaning Guide

Twenty minutes a day may sound like a lot of time if your schedule is already swamped; however, think of it as playing “Firework” by Katy Perry four times and viola the time is up! You might even want to create a special cleaning playlist that makes up full 20 minutes. Simply put, 20 minutes is much quicker than you could imagine. The best part of it all is you don’t have to continue cleaning after the 20 minutes are over! Once the time is up, you can sit back with a glass of wine or reward yourself with an episode (or two) of your favorite TV show.    

The 20-minute guide is broken down into a 30-day schedule with the flexibility to alter or move things around. Don’t be overwhelmed with the list, you’re likely already doing all of this on one day so spreading it out will make it much more feasible.

Here’s what each day will involve:

  1. Dust, and sweep/vacuum the living room and kitchen.
  2. Clean the bathrooms, including the toilets, floors, mirrors, walls, and showers/baths.
  3. Sweep/vacuum the bedrooms, this includes putting loose items away such as books or toys.
  4. Clean the extra rooms such as the office and guest room.
  5. Clean the kitchen including the pantry and cabinets.
  6. Clean the bathrooms.
  7. Clean the windows from the inside.
  8. Sweep/vacuum the floors and/or carpet.
  9. Dust the bathrooms.
  10. Deep clean the living area or the biggest room in the house.
  11. Clean the bathrooms.
  12. Organize your closets. This includes hanging up clothes and making your closet space more approachable so you’re not spending several minutes looking for something.
  13. Surface clean your office.
  14. Deep clean the bedrooms by cleaning out your drawers, getting rid of trash, dusting, and making your space more organized.
  15. Wipe down the door knobs, phones, remote controls, and any other equipment you touch on a daily basis.
  16. Clean the kitchen on a surface level.
  17. Deep clean the bathrooms.
  18. Clean out the refrigerator.
  19. If you have an entryway, clean this area.
  20. Clean the living room.
  21. Clean the bathrooms.
  22. Clean the bedrooms.
  23. Clean the floors.
  24. Organize your towels and bedding.
  25. Surface clean the living room.
  26. Deep clean the kitchen.
  27. Surface clean the bathrooms so that they’re free of dust and debris.
  28. Surface clean the bedrooms so that the space feels fresh and organized.
  29. Focus on cleaning one area that hasn’t received your attention.
  30. Clean the floors.

So What Do You Think? Is This Plan Do-Able?

When you approach cleaning as an everyday minimal task and not a time-consuming chore that must be done in one day, you’ll feel at ease with the overall results. Many times, it’s all about your state of mind. The better you feel about it, the more likely you are to do it. So bump up the jams, grab your vacuum, and dance away!

Making Your Life Easier One Rental at a Time

At Lozano Real Estate, we know that cleaning isn’t one of those subjects that excites people unless you’re someone who genuinely loves cleaning, and in that case, props to you! But for the rest of us, the struggle is real. That’s why it’s our goal to make everything from renting a home to maintaining it easier for you!

If you’d like more information on how we can assist you, connect with us today!