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Style is personal. And there’s nothing more personal than your home. From the moment you drive up to the yard to the first steps into the hallway, all of these components reflect who you are as a person and who you are as a homeowner. Renting a home does come with common reservations that often steer people away from decorating. These include limitations set by rental contracts such as painting the walls as well as the feeling that your digs are temporary.

Despite these reservations, there are ways that you can make your rental reflect your personal style and most importantly, feel like a true home, even if you only plan on being there a year or two.

Tip 1: Determine Your Vibe.

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and immediately felt something? Safe and cozy, energetic and awake, calm and relaxed, or perhaps sophisticated and classy. Those feelings were made possible by the decor and mood set strategically or naturally by the homeowner. Naturally in the sense that some homeowners decorate based on their own instincts and not one specific trend or fashion. But for others, it does some take some planning to determine what type of mood they wish to create, whether it’s for the home as a whole or a specific room. Once you determine your “vibe” so to speak, you can begin looking for pieces that will convey your ideal atmosphere.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • A living room that’s cozy– Consider adding plenty of plush throw pillows to the sofa, a large central rug, pictures of family or fun decorations on the walls, throw blankets, a floor lamp, and personal accents like a piece of art you found at a garage sale or that was passed down to you from a family member. Stick to soft hues like grey, light blue, green, tan and other neutral tones.
  • A backyard that’s fun and lively– A string of lights can instantly make a backyard feel like the perfect gathering place. Also, consider adding a picnic table where you can host intimate dinners with friends and family. Other small but impactful additions include adding games like darts, corn hole, a ping ball table, and a set of jumbo Jenga.
  • A bedroom that’s minimalist and clean. If you want the place you rest your head to be free from outside distractions and enhance your quality of sleep, consider a minimalist style. Your central point of the room will be the bed so you, therefore, want to invest in the most comfortable bedding. Less is often more when it comes to the bedroom so having one or two pieces of art you adore is the way to go.      

Tip 2: Don’t Keep Things Stored Away

If you’re someone who tends to move around a lot, it’s easy to feel inclined to keep your items in bins. The trouble with this is that you’ll begin to lose sight of what you have. The items will collect dust and it comes time to move again, you may find that you now have more bins storing many of the same items.

Empty out your bins and determine what stays and what goes. Unpacking everything you brought with you is the best way to create clarity in your mind and in your home.

Tip #3: Make It a Space For Hosting

Something about hosting turns us into instant Martha Stewart. We suddenly begin thinking of what appetizers we’ll serve, we make sure there’s plenty of seating for everyone and take out the decorations we’ve stored away. In other words, we make use of our home! Going into host mode is the best way to truly step up the game when it comes to making your house feel like home.

Remember: Any Place You Hang Your Hat is Home

Whether this is your home for the next year or the next ten, make it feel special. The truer the home feels to you, the more likely you are to embrace the home itself and the concept of living there. Beyond embracing those two things, you’ll feel content in other areas of your life. Home life matters a great day. It can mean the difference between embracing new relationships or holding on to your past and longing to be somewhere you’re not, which is no way to live.

At The Lozano Real Estate Group, we can help you find your perfect rental then assist you with any maintenance that may pop-up along the way. Also, if you’re in need of property management services, connect with us about that too! As our slogan goes, we’re all about helping people move forward!