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There’s nothing quite like the day you realize the heat has made a permanent residence for the summer. As El Pasoans, we should all know more or less what day is but to our surprise, the heat sweeps in like an old friend from out of town and suddenly we find ourselves racing for the AC and shedding off layers of clothes like madmen.

Okay, maybe this isn’t quite how the summer hits you. But whether it’s a warm 88 or a hot 101 when the degrees go up, we feel it. In addition to adjusting our apparel, we need to also take into consideration how heat affects our home. Things in and around our homes (besides ourselves) start to feel the heat. With this change of temperature comes a couple of key home maintenance items to tackle.

We’ve mapped out a home summer checklist that will keep your home and family protected. Take a look!

Inspecting the Inside

  • Check the AC- Before turning on the AC, you’ll want to make sure it’s prepped for safe and clean functioning. This means, changing out the filters and ensuring key parts don’t require servicing. You may want to consider having it inspected by a professional.
  • Clean ceiling fans If it’s been a while since you last turned on your fans, be sure to give them a wipe down as dust and debris tend to gather on the fans over time.
  • Check your home’s detectors– When’s the last time you tested your smoke detectors? With a higher risk for fire, you want to make sure your smoke detectors are functioning properly.
  • Check for leaks– No one wants to waste water. Not only will you lose money as a result but there’s a high possibility for mold and mildew. Be proactive in checking for leaks by inspecting your faucets and water hoses. A tiny drip may seem like nothing right now but over time it results in significant water loss.   

Inspecting the Outside

  • Clean your grills- If you have a gas grill, be sure to give it a good clean. Turn up the heat to high and allow the grill to warm up with the hood closed for about 30 minutes. Once the grill has fully cooled down, using a grill brush, give it a thorough cleaning. Then, wipe down the exterior with a sponge and cleaner. Also, be sure to clean the grill’s drip pans. If you have a charcoal grill, using some hot water and a sponge along with some dish washing soap, scrub off the residue from past use. Before using it again, allow the grill to completely cool down. 
  • Wash the windows. El Paso is infamous for its dust storms and unpredictable hail. Dust storms tend to move sand and other objects onto our homes, including the roof and windows. Be sure to do a thorough inspection of your windows to see if any cracks were produced as a result of the storms.
  • Check on your plants. Some primping of your plants is helpful during the summer as the heat can take a toll on your green friends. If you see dead foliage, be sure to pull it out. Not only will this make your home look tidy but it will help nourish your plants and ensure they continue to bloom.

Home Maintenance in the Summer Goes a Long Way

From rainstorms to extreme heat, El Paso’s summers tend to bring harsh conditions that may cause some damage to our homes. By keeping up with home maintenance, you will spot damage early on and avoid the worst of trouble. Don’t let the heat get the best of you or your home this summer. Stay hydrated, my friends.

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