Porch of the house, decorated for Halloween. The decor is made of pumpkins, candlesticks, dry leaves and candles.

Summer is now completely out of the picture, which means the warm aromas, foods, and colors of autumn are making their way into everyday life! With the beginning of autumn, you can look forward to implementing a whole new design scheme right in the heart of your home. Whether you’re scurrying through your storage bins or contemplating making a trip to your home goods store, Lozano Real Estate is here to provide you with ten simple steps to help you achieve the season of fall in your very own abode. 

Welcome Your Guests with the Help of Your Front Porch 

It’s always a delightful sight to see home exterior aligned with fall and Halloween-themed decorations. It never fails to add a sweet touch of pumpkins on the corners of your porch. You can take a simple trip to the pumpkin patch or local market for authentic or decorative pumpkins. You can also add a bristle doormat to provide your home with an extra inviting touch. 

Make Use of a Natural Wreath 

Most homeowners are quick to buy their wreaths, made out of plastic leaves and false vegetation. We get it—sometimes it’s just an easier job! Although, we encourage you to stick with natural materials, such as wheatgrass, to add a nice change to your front door. Don’t be afraid to ditch the colorful, pre-made wreath you have hidden in your basement. Show people that you have style and that you’re not afraid to mix up your decorations! 

Incorporate Hues of Pink and Purple

Brown, orange, and satin are the colors that are most commonly associated with the fall season, but we understand it might be a bit tacky to incorporate these hues in every corner of your home. You can also use colors such as pink, purple, and even maroon! You can implement these colors in your kitchen table decor, towels, throw blankets and anywhere else you would deem the color scheme fitting! 

Embellish Your Mantle with Fall Foliage 

A mantle does not have to be limited to garland and Christmas decor during the holiday season. You can carry metallic and bronze tones all the way into your living room to not only fill up empty voids but also to further enhance the autumnal vibes in your home. If you have a fireplace, it would also be a great idea to place polished pumpkins right above for a well-rounded look. You can also try adding in candles to create more of a balance! 

Buy a Home That is Flexible in Style with the Lozano Real Estate Group 

Here at the Lozano Real Estate Group, we can guarantee that we have all styles of homes, making it easier for you to choose from. If you advocate for decorating your home per season, it’s helpful to invest in a property that can help you achieve exactly that! Contact us today to learn more about the properties and listings we have for you.