Young adult couple examining expenses next to moving boxes.

It has been a popular fad for millennials and the young adults of the 21st century to rent an apartment as their first form of mature financing. On the other hand, Lozano Real Estate is here to outline why a home might be a better option, especially since you’re already down the road of ownership. Renting a home can provide you with direct benefits that you cannot exactly expect with renting an apartment. Don’t be afraid to break out of your comfort zone when it comes to renting a home! We can guarantee there won’t be a day that you’ll regret giving up an apartment for a rental home. 

Flexible and Reasonable Prices

Renting a home can be a great choice if your budget and earning salary allows it. Moving into a house is also an optimal option if your needs are pressing for a larger space. One such need would be your family. A growing number of millennial buyers host adults, children, and their own parents in their own homes. That makes the additional space of a house—such as your yard and privacy—all the more worthwhile. 

Maintenance You Can Work With 

You should rent a house if maintenance requirements are minimal in the property you are looking into. You might even be among those who enjoy working around the house, which helps build experience and future reference. According to studies, approximately 62% of home dwellers granted themselves with a grade A or B when it came to taking care of maintenance. If you trust yourself with keeping up with your home, maintenance shouldn’t give you a pause at all. 

Interior Design and Experimentation 

If decorating your home has been running through your mind since childhood, a home can allow you to flex your design muscles a bit. Apartment landlords are rather strict about how you can dress up your property, but things are much different from a rented home. Landlords are more apt to allow you to repaint, change light fixtures, and make other relatively subtle changes to make the place feel more like your own home. 

Kickstart Adulthood with Help From the Lozano Real Estate Group 

The Lozano Real Estate Group believes that anyone who is ready to leave the nest is most likely capable of renting or owning a home. You don’t have to settle for less home-living or quality when you allow our group of realtors to help. Contact us today to learn more about our property availability and to find a home that best suits you.