Interior of modern gray and wooden living room with concrete floor, gray sofa and puffing and dining room with table and bar in background. 3d rendering

With the new year comes new trends. It’s time to get rid of the fads of the past and bring in the new styles to define the decade. It appears to be that the new trends are reflecting comfort and creativity more than ever before. Bright colors are in and so are unique and original design pieces. Sustainability is on the rise as people become more environmentally conscious. Repurposing is in and throwing out perfectly good furniture is a thing of the past ladies and gentlemen. This new decade is all about adding your wonderful personalities into your homes and making them a relaxing space that everyone can enjoy. No one wants to have their homes look like everyone else’s. Let’s go over what’s out for the start of the new decade.

Grey on Grey

This trend is simply, gloomy. As said earlier, bright, warm, and vibrant colors are seeing a resurgence. Grey walls, grey furniture, and grey decorative pieces just do not allow for that much personality, and frankly looks quite depressing. 


Let’s face it, having everything look absolutely immaculate and pristine is exhausting to keep up with. Having sharp lines and clean white surfaces can make a room feel cold and unwelcoming. Nowadays, it’s all about style without the inconvenience, and no one wants to walk into a home with the feeling that they might dirty or break something if they aren’t careful. 

White Doors and White Trim

This is the most conventional trend on this list, but who honestly needs convention? This trend is pretty boring and makes the interior and exterior of your home look traditional in a bad way. It’s just pretty basic and doesn’t really set you apart. 

Industrial Design

Sharp lines, concrete, and muted colors are definitely a thing of the past. We can’t think of anything else that feels more unwelcoming than this design trend. The industrial design trend just doesn’t have any personality, and it’s all about conformity, which is the last thing that we should be striving for.

We here at the Lorenzo Real Estate Group want you to be able to fully express yourselves within our homes. We encourage that you design and customize your home to your heart’s content. If you are interested in purchasing a new home, don’t be afraid to contact us, and we can help you find a place that is all your own.