You have your credit ramped up, and in the best it’s ever been, money saved up, goals set, you’re ready to finally buy a home, but is it the right time? It’s an odd question since you may think that buying a home falls entirely on your personal situation to get approved and jump into it. However, buying a new home is a lot like buying fruit and vegetables; it all depends on the season. Each season, you have certain pros and cons that may or may not directly affect your choices or chances of getting the home you want. 

Spring Season Cleaning 

The spring season from April to June shows to have more of a selection to choose from. April has the newest listings for a home than any time of year. There’s a reason for this, of course, kids are getting out of school, warmer weather makes viewings more comfortable and highlighting the landscape is better for those trying to sell. Although, you’ll have to put up with a lot of competition, and sometimes a higher premium to get the house you want.

Summer Dreams 

The summertime from July to September feels a bit like the spring because there’s a little heat from all the competition. Although, prices do drop a bit during the summer after the spring craze. If you can hold out until the end of the summer, you might be able to crack a better deal as the flux of shoppers dies out. Bring a strong offer and be ready to close a deal if you can hold out until around late August. 

Falling Leaves, and Prices 

Fall time is one of the best and worst times to pick a home. Your selection might be a little tight. However, you may be able to make a deal easier than the past six months. Homeowners will typically get a bit more desperate after not selling earlier, so negotiations are easier to talk through. There’s less shoppers around this time, which makes sellers eager to find someone. With the drop in buyers and sellers, this also means that your agent has more free time to work with you and get you the price you want. 

Winter Doesn’t Always Mean Cold

If you’re shopping around the winter in January or March, you might be surprised how great it can be. Granted, many sellers hold off until the spring and summer, where there is more of a selection of shoppers. Getting a home in the winter means a much smaller selection than any other time of year. That also means less competition for both ends of the deal. As a buyer, you can get the best price during this time a year, which is a total win. However, winter weather makes it difficult, or at times unsafe, to move into a new home. 

Lozano Realty Works Every Season

Whatever time of year you’re ready to look into a home, so are we. At Lozano Realty, we can help you get the deal you want no matter what side you’re on. Give us a call today to see your future home now!