As the year comes to a close, maybe it’s time to think of the holiday season a little bit differently. Many don’t realize it, but buying a home during the winter months can potentially benefit you more than any other time of year. So, instead of dealing with holiday traffic at the mall, maybe you should spend some time doing a different kind of shopping. 

Winter Home Pros 

Tax Benefits 

One of the best perks of closing on a home by December 31 means that you can potentially deduct your mortgage interest, interest costs, property taxes, and gain points on your loan. This can lower your tax liability, so the sooner the buy, the better for you! 

Free Winter Time 

During the holiday season, many companies will give people time off towards the end of the year. This can easily give you the opportunity to start packing your things and getting ready for the big move. Even having an extra one or two days of packing and organizing can go a long way!

Winter Prices 

One of the best things for you to consider at this time of year – the prices. As winter rolls through, many of these homes that remain available probably got looked over during the high spring and summer months. This makes it easier to negotiate prices. It also means that hiring a moving company might be easier than ever since fewer people move during this time. 

Cons For Winter Home Buying 


However, due to the time of year, there’s less of a selection to choose from when buying a home. Most places go up and sell between March and August. This leaves less to pick from, but you can use this to your advantage in negotiations. 

Cold Weather 

Okay, this one might fall more under personal preference, but baby, it’s cold outside. Moving things around, especially in the icy winds and slippery spots, may not be too appealing to most people out there. Luckily, in the El Paso area, we don’t have to deal with piles of snow. 

Lozano Is Always Ready For You

No matter what time of year, Lozano Real Estate will always be at your side. We can help you find the perfect spot for you to lay your head no matter the time of year. To see our listings and start your new home process, give us a call today!