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  • Fast at responding
  • Providing high quality tenants
  • Consistently given high ratings
  • Guaranteed to ensure the safety of the property
  • Quick in informing clients
  • Successful in meeting clients’ desires

The Lozano Real Estate Group offers residential property management services in the El Paso area. Simply put, residential property management allows building owners to avoid any issues and put their worries in the hands of trusted individuals who will do the hard work on their behalf. Not only are property managers determined in placing your property in the right hands, but they are trained in filing, advertising rental rates, and depositing payments. This workload can be overwhelming when you have no previous management experience to fall back on. If you’re in the El Paso area, reach out to the Lozano Real Estate Group today to learn more about what our services can do to make your life easier.

Marketing Your Residential Property to As Many People as Possible

El Paso is a big city of over 900,000 residents. By making use of online databases and our own website, your property will be seen by as many people as possible. Since our team is made up of experienced real estate agents and Realtors®, we have the ability to achieve greatness on every step of the way. Being able to narrow down and choose the hands in which you can place the sake of your home can call for a great deal of stress, but that is exactly what residential property management is here for: to screen out property tenants. This means that property managers are skilled in spotting red flags in reviewing tenant applications, whereas if we look over applications ourselves we might miss vital information that says plenty about the tenant. A tenant you can trust is one that always pays their rent on time and takes care of the property. Once the best tenants are found, it’s time for them to undergo the placement process.

Tenant Placement Services and Rent Collection

If you’ve ever rented an apartment or home, you’re well aware of all the paperwork that must be filled out before you can actually move in. Now imagine being on the other side of that. It seems stressful, but instead of dealing with all this paperwork, your property manager can take care of it. Our tenant placement services are thorough and efficient, so you can put your complete trust in our hands. We’ll also take care of all the rent collection and deal with any issues such as eviction, if necessary.

Keeping Your Property Looking Beautiful

Managing property is a full-time job and it continues even after the perfect tenant has moved in. If something goes wrong within the property and repairs become necessary, the tenants can reach out to the property manager. Property managers also maintain the property so it looks beautiful and appealing. Property managers work with both the owners and the tenants, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Property Management Services in the El Paso Area

The Lozano Real Estate Group can take care of all the aspects that go into residential property management. We will find tenants, maintain the property, collect rent, and much more. We offer our services to the entirety of the Sun City and we’ve been doing so since 2012. As a local company, we understand the wants and needs of El Pasoans so we can provide everything they need. If you’re ready to succeed with your residential property rental endeavors, contact The Lozano Real Estate Group today to get started with a property manager!