Selling Your Home with the Assistance of the Lozano Real Estate Group

Your home is the embodiment of your life. Perhaps it’s where you raised your family, or maybe it’s the first home you bought with your own money. Regardless of the details, it’s no surprise that homes hold a special place in the hearts of homeowners. So when the time comes to sell your home and say farewell, you may feel a whirlwind of emotions.

The home selling process can become stressful and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. With the Lozano Real Estate Group by your side, your home selling experience will be the best one yet. Our real estate group is incredibly attentive; we go above and beyond by listing, advertising, and posting your home across various channels so buyers can more easily find and purchase your home. Most importantly, we ensure that we can list your home property for a price that both you and your future tenant will benefit from.

The Ins and Outs of Selling Your Home

The Lozano Real Estate Group is here to provide you with a first-hand look at what the “sell my home” process is like.

Determining an Asking Price

Determining an asking price for your home property is one of the most important steps in the home selling process. Some factors that you have to consider when setting a price for your home include the location (such as where it stands geographically and the proximity in regards to how far or close it is to major sites of the city), condition, amenities, supply and demand, and current local and global market conditions. Lozano Real Estate agents can provide you with an in-depth market analysis of your home so you can set a reasonable price.

Be Open and Ready for Negotiation

This is an incredibly important aspect of the home selling process. When a potential buyer puts up an offer, they include information regarding how much they’re willing to pay as well as the mortgage amount (if any) and contingencies. This is the point in the process where you can determine if a client is pre-qualified because, after all, you want to enable your trust in the hands where your home may land in. This is also the period of the process where you have to prepare yourself for the numerous transactions that are bound to take place between you and the potential buyer. Once you deem an acceptable offer, contract writing begins along with implementing down payments and setting up inspections.It may seem like a hefty load of responsibilities and paperwork, but you won’t have to worry when you work with the Lozano Real Estate Group. Our agents have the expertise you need in order to act upon these immediate steps of action.Throughout the closing transactions, it is important for you to closely monitor that inspection and contingency dates are met. On the final day of closing, most buyers are prone to have a final walkthrough to confirm that repairs and alterations are met.

Understand the Timeline

With more people moving to El Paso, you do not have to fret about whether or not eagre home buyers will be interested in your home. In fact, the city is growing at a rapid rate so you can expect to receive a number of interested clients! The overall home-selling experience can be an efficient journey when you have our agents here at Lozano Real Estate guide you through the process. Lozano Realty agents are thoughtful, understanding people who care about your needs.In regards to the time frame, it depends on finding a buyer is one process and completing paperwork and applications is another process. It can range from weeks to months. It’s safe to say that no one enjoys a lengthy amount of time in seeking a new home, much less waiting to sell their property. At The Lozano Real Estate Group, we turn what may seem impossible into the possible.

A Few Tips To Keep In Mind

Because of the years of experience that the Lozano Real Estate Group has attained, we have some tips you can take into your own hands to speed up the process of selling your home!

Dive Into Home Staging

Home Staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. Staging enhances the overall environment of your home and will naturally attract a list of potential buyers. This also increases the possibility of increasing the value of your home. You want to make the public view your property as high in value and worth. Your listing price and the way you go about staging your home reflect this value.

Be Flexible with Home Showings and Open House

Everyone has jobs, school, and family to tend to and this is something one must be especially mindful of when putting a home up for sale. You want to have a stretch of availability throughout the week, especially on weekends, as that is the time people are most available to go out. You can lose potential buyers if you keep your home showings at limited availability. Of course, it’s a hassle to take time off from work and your daily duties, but taking this minimal amount of time off can benefit you in the long run.

Insist on Professional Photography

The power and influence that photography has are beyond what one could fathom. Believe it or not, the angle and color contrast within a photo plays a big deal in the initial impression of home seekers. The most enticing images are those that are rich and abundant with color and depth. You should also ask for approval of the photo tour before it is published for the public to see.

Review Your Online Listing

The internet is also very authoritative when it comes to the influence it draws amongst customers. Accuracy is vital to the selling of your home and you want to be able to incorporate as many helpful pieces of information about your home. These bits and pieces of information can also make your property stand out from others. Be fruitful with information. Lozano Real Estate agents are also here to confirm listing information, a service we are top-notch in.

Prompt Responses to Purchase Offers

Most offers will contain a date of expiration, meaning that the client is willing to wait for only so long. If a client puts an offer on your property, they are eager to work with you. The more time you take to respond to clients, the more likely that you will lose them. Be prompt in selling your home at an ideal time.

The Lozano Real Estate Group is Ready to Help!

It may seem like a handful to take in, but the Lozano Real Estate Group is here to help you take the home selling process one step at a time. Contact an agent today at (915) 209-2510 so we can guide you in the financial journey of selling your home!